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Privacy & Data Protection summit

11/16/17 7:30 AM - 11/17/17 2:00 PM
Berlin, Germany

This summit will provide a platform for data protection professionals to discuss main strategies on data mapping and consent as well as the challenges and opportunities of privacy policies management. In light of the 2018 GDPR implementation deadline, it is crucial for companies to act fast and make the right steps towards more sophisticated data protection integration and compliance. The purpose of the conference is also to create a perfect atmosphere conducive for active engagement and networking!

This year we will look as such topics as:
- One Year Left: Reviewing and Upgrading your Current Privacy Policies in accordance with GDPR
- Data Breaches and the Best Strategies to Deal with them
- Best ways of performing PIAs and Data Mapping
- Using Machine Learning and AI to pre-empt cyber threats
- Reasons for Failure: Assessing main problems of the GDPR implementation
- Towards a Culture of Compliance: Driving and Organisational Change and Data Protection Awareness
- Establishing a dialogue with the regulators in order to prepare for the future privacy challenges
- Evolving Role of a DPO: assessing the post-implementation duties and obligations

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