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10/5/17 7:30 AM - 10/6/17 3:00 PM

Telecoms fraud and revenue loss are the most damaging, alarming and widespread problems facing the telecoms industry today. It has various scales and impacts across the sector in a number of ways, that include IRSF, Sim Boxing, identity fraud, spam, internal hacks and attacks. Telecom industry confronts increasing difficulties because of the international nature of fraud that makes it challenging to identify and eliminate.

Fraud and risk management are key measures to maintain operator’s revenues. As networks grow and become more complex the use of sophisticated systems and technologies is required to protect telecom companies from fraudsters.

Telecoms Fraud & Risk Management Summit is a unique opportunity to share best practices around new trends and challenges faced by telecom operators. Our expert speakers from leading telecom, IT, security and risk management companies will present effective strategies and methods of prevention, detection and combating frauds and scams within the telecom industry.

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