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SD-WAN Summit 2017

9/26/17 9:00 AM - 9/28/17 3:00 PM
10 Allée du Verger, Roissy-en-France, France
VenueNovotel Convention & Wellness Paris CDG

The most eminent experts will bring answers to the following questions:

What is an SD-WAN service? When a provider can be called « SD-WAN » provider?

As an operator puts it: « You can’t replace a network with 43 VRF, 5 classes of QoS, etc. by an IPsec VPN tunnel over the Internet ». 

So when it comes to co-existence with MPLS, how do you manage a smooth transition to SD-WAN in different real situations?

 How to implement a solution with 2 or more SD-WAN providers?

As stated by another telco: « Using SD-WAN and the Internet is one thing. Achieving performance is another. How do we maintain quality of service? »


Further information about SD-WAN Summit can be found at: www.uppersideconferences.com/sd-wan/

Agenda SD-WAN Summit 2017

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