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Customer Experience Management for Airports Summit 2017

7/25/17 1:30 AM - 7/28/17 11:00 AM

In the increasingly competitive world of airports today, airports around the world are constantly evolving and growing at a rapid rate to keep up with then ever-increasing demand of passenger numbers- along with their expectations. As passenger number increase, and airlines can do business with greater number of aiprorts, airports must increase their commitment to improve their service standards. Customer today are more knowledgeable and have higher expectations of airports than ever before. To achieve success, airport need to have exceptional strategic plans in place to be able to adequately manage the expectations of their customers. By prioritising customer service and experience, it sets the correct standards and direction moving forward to ensure customer is always at the core of  every decision the airport makes. 


It is also critical that ascustomer demands are increasing, airport operators have to understand their customers and their needs. Airport operators must understand what customers’ expectations are of a great passenger experience and where possible surpassing their expectations by going the extra mile to make sure that the customers are happy after all. The customer regardless airline Or passenger must be the number one priority. 


This is why you must not miss the golden opportunity to be at the Equip Global’ s Customer Experience Management for Airport Summit 2017 which is tailored to bring together airport operators and aviation authorities as well as service providers in the airport industry to developing effective and innovative customer experience management strategies for airports. This event will help airports source out new revenue streams, brainstorm CX strategies, and uncover a range of opportunities in airport service provision, partnerships and future customer experience management strategies in order to achieve ROI in your customer experience efforts.


On top of, attend the 4 Expert-Led Pre & Post-Summit Workshops to grasp the nuts and bolts in managing effectively on customer experience. Elevate your Summit Experience to the Next New Level!


Email to enquiry@equip-global.com to grab a copy of the conference brochure.

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