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2nd Annual 4.5G & 5G Innovation Summit 2017

4/12/17 4:30 AM - 4/12/17 1:30 PM
VenueITC Maratha

However, according to the telecom experts, the roll-out of 5G in India wouldn’t start until the year 2020. In order to help the operators get there a little faster, 4.5G has come out as next steptechnology that can optimize the journey to 5G mobile technology. 4.5G will be able to enable significant increases in LTE capacity, coverage and speed where and when it will be needed for the end users.

In order to maintain our leadership in ICT forum in India, We are glad to present India’s first ever b2b summit on 4.5G & 5G or LTE Advanced named as 4.5G & 5G Innovation Summit 2017, taking place on 12th April 2017 at ITC Grand Maratha, Mumbai. 

4.5G is natural evolution of LTE. 4.5G helps operators to protect their investment by using the existing infrastructure to offer higher data rates and improved user experience. 4.5G allows operators to deploy NB-IoT, broadband trunking, and other new technologies on their existing networks. This enables operators to make full use of their advantages to better serve vertical markets. 4.5G technology promises mobile broadband data rates exceeding 1,000 Mbit/s - or ten times faster than current 4G rates - which also opens the way for new applications.

LTE will continue as the dominant technology in India but in order to cope with huge data traffic over 3G/4G Networks, Operators are now looking 4.5G as ideal technology to bridge the telecom landscape by building an interim phase that will create an ideal situation for embracing digital transformation.

4.5G & 5G Innovation Summit will create a useful platform for the entire Indian telecom industry to come together and share their expertise towards roadmap of 4.5G & 5G in India and how can operators upgrade their existing networks towards 4.5G & 5G. 

4.5G & 5G Innovation Summit 2017 will focus on:

  • Examine the current development of 4G networks in India and how can 4.5G will help operators to fulfill customer needs
  • Understand the current 4G market condition and future innovation
  • Role of Small Cells to enhance coverage and capacity of 3G/4G networks
  • Do we really need 4.5G?
  • What are the major challenges being faced by operators in terms of 4G rollout and how can they address them?
  • How to ensure a profitable ROI on 4G rollouts and how can 4.5G will help the ecosystem?
  • Evolving the network architecture towards 4.5G and 5G
  • Examining the 4.5G and IOT connectivity challenges in the current network infrastructure
  • Examining the best practices in building secure networks – How can Operators maintain high demand by the end users.
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