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Commonwealth Spectrum Management Forum 2016

11/2/16 8:00 AM - 11/4/16 4:00 PM

Spectrum is a finite and valuable resource that is central to the utilisation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). Advances in ICTs bring new demands on the Spectrum every day. Proper planning and optimum use of Spectrum is a key factor that impacts on the development of every country. Managing Spectrum requires a multistakeholder approach, that extends beyond national borders. Priorities of policy makers, regulators, service providers and manufactures have to be given due consideration. Stakeholders need to engage closely with the international coordination mechanisms of the International Telecommunication Union through the World Radiocommunication Conferences, the next of which is due in 2019. This Forum aims to build the capacity of stakeholders in managing spectrum from planning and assigning to utilising and recovery as well as to help stakeholders prepare for the next World Radiocommunication Conference.


Key Topics:

    • Implementing WRC 15 outcomes
    • Managing spectrum to maximise value
    • Methods of Spectrum assigning
    • New services and demand on Spectrum
    • Preparing for WRC 19s
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