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Advanced Portfolio Management

11/29/18 9:00 AM - 11/30/18 5:00 PM

Organisations that excel at investing in change use a goals-driven portfolio.  They prioritise their goals, invest more in their priority goals, and choose projects that can achieve those priorities with the lowest-possible risks and resources.   This intensive and interactive workshop focuses on how to design and use a goals-driven portfolio, transform from a projects-driven investment culture, and multiply the value of Portfolio Management.

A goals-driven portfolio is essential for making agile investment decisions.  As rapidly as the market changes, and today’s projects vary in their probabilities of success, executives and portfolio managers can re-appraise the enterprise’s investment choices.  They can decide what to keep the same in the portfolio and what to change – to achieve their goals at the speed they need to achieve them, and for the risks that they are prepared to take.

There are four generations of Change Portfolio.  The first generation is projects-driven and resources-constrained, focusing the organisation on its implementation goals, budgets, and other resource limits.  Progressively, the focus of the portfolio becomes the enterprise’s investment goals, the probability of achieving them, and the total risks taken.

The value of Portfolio Management multiplies with each new generation of portfolio.  A portfolio is more than the sum of its individual projects: portfolio managers know and track the up-to-date investment goals, total risks and resources, and probabilities of the portfolio succeeding.  They highlight and deal with gaps in the portfolio, where there are insufficient projects to achieve the goals, allocate provisions for future investment priorities, and ultimately lead the organisation’s strategy for investing in change.

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