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11th annual Military Space Situational Awareness

4/18/16 8:00 AM - 4/19/16 5:30 PM
VenueHoliday Inn Kensington Forum

Space has become a very influential factor in warfare with satellites being used for communications, reconnaissance, navigation and intelligence. With threats increasing to our national space infrastructures such as cyber-attacks, space weather, space debris, collisions with other satellites and anti-satellite missiles; there are all real dangers that can cripple a military force's fighting capability.

The 11th annual Military Space Situational Awareness conference is well timed to bring together military space users and private industry specialists from around the world to discuss the challenges of gathering information in space and how they can be overcome through intimate cooperation and research and development.

The 2016 expert speaker line-up features:

• Brigadier General Carlos de Salas, Head of C4ISR & Space Programs, Spanish MoD
• Colonel Thomas James, Commanding Officer, 1st Space Brigade, US Army Forces Strategic Command
• Colonel Franck Schrottenloher, Commander, Environmental Control Office, French Joint Space Command, DGA
• Colonel Pierro Serra, Chief of Air and Space Policy, Italian Air Force
• Lieutenant Colonel Jaime Sanchez Mayorga, Espace Unit/ C4ISR Area, Spanish MoD
• Colonel Helcio Vieira Junior, Commander Space Operations Centre, Brazilian Armed Forces
• Colonel Larry Gunn, Program Manager, DARPA USA
• Dr Eva Bernhardsdotter, Head of Space Programs, FMV (Swedish Defence Material Administration)
• Paul Andrus, Instructor National Security Space Institute, Air University
• Professor Sa’id Moteshar, Director, London Institute of Space Policy and Law


• Gain a unique focus on space situational awareness as the centre of securing current and future space operations
• Discuss emerging technologies and operational approaches to SSA as militaries continue to learn and develop their capabilities
• Understand how emerging space nations are striving to enhance national security in the Space Domain
• Hear and network with experts from major national Armed Forces operating in Space with dedicated SSA roles


Register online at: www.military-space.com/telcoprofessionals 
Contact James Hitchen on: +44 (0) 20 7827 6054 or email jhitchen@smi-online.co.uk

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