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Autotech Council V2X & NAIAS Debrief

2/12/16 4:30 PM - 2/12/16 10:00 PM
411 Dixon Landing Road, Milpitas, CA 95035, United...
VenueCETECOM, 411 Dixon Landing Road, Milpitas, CA 95035, United States

Autonomous Driving is red hot these days. With Tesla's commercial launch of Autopilot, Google's cute urban car, Apple rumors, and OEM news from the LA Auto show, there is nothing capturing more interest, nor developing as quickly as self-driving cars.

Join Autotech Council members for this V2X topic, where we discuss the radios, architectures, applications, and mid-term to long-term visions for an interconnected transportation organism. Member-only NAIAS Debrief session to follow.

The Autotech Council opens its doors to non-members a few times each year to take a deep dive into a segment of the auto industry that is attracting large amounts of innovation and investment. These ½-day, executive-format agendas highlight a few larger vendors who are leading the segment forward and bring dozens of undiscovered companies to the stage as well. These agendas always include plenty of time for networking, business discussions, and an interactive format that promotes relationships between member and non-member companies.

FREE for Autotech Council members, $200 for non-members
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Address: 411 Dixon Landing Road, Milpitas, CA 95035, United States, 0 Get Direction