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Radical RAN

2/19/16 12:00 PM - 2/19/16 2:00 PM
VenueImagination Technologies, 3201 Scott Boulevard Santa Clara, California 95054
RegionNorth America

In this month's roundtable discussion, we consider some of the radical infrastructure technologies that may affect telecom.

Let's rethink infrastructure. Over the years, we've heard of some far-out ideas around infrastructure. Many of them have fallen by the wayside, but some of them are starting to show promise. Consider some of the following:

- Project Loon
- Drone towers
- Artemis pCell
- Fon
- WhiteSpaces

But we now live in a world where the radical often becomes the norm. Surely it's time to give the far-out ideas another look. In this meeting, we'll discuss how some of the more radical ideas may actually take root, and may change the state of telecom. If you what to share or learn about radical solutions for fixed or mobile communications infrastructure, this lunch session is the place.

FREE for Telecom Council members, $200 for non-members

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