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14th annual IAD Summit, Nigeria

4/12/16 8:00 AM - 4/14/16 3:00 PM
VenueTranscorp Hilton

Innovation Africa Digital (IAD) Harnessing Africa’s Digital Growth’ 19th-21st April in Abuja, Nigeria is our flagship summit now in its 14th year. In partnership with Galaxy Backbone and the Government of Nigeria, IAD 2016 will assess how ICT can support national and regional development objectives, engagement strategies, operational efficiencies and QoS improvements.

Africa’s iGDP could account for as much as 10% of total GDP by 2025

Africa’s iGDP should grow to at least 5 to 6% and if the Internet achieves the same kind of scale and impact as the spread of mobile phones, it could account for as much as $300 billion of total GDP while producing a leap forward in economic and social development (McKinsey).

To support Africa’s growth and development and to take full advantage of the huge investments in ICT connectivity and innovation, Government Agencies and Departments, MNOs, Telcos, ISPs, Financial Institutions, Retailers and other customer facing service providers must assess how ICT innovations can support their engagement strategies, operational efficiencies, quality of service improvements and support national and regional development objectives.

IAD Summit 2016 will deliver an innovative conference programme combining keynote presentations, panel discussions, workshops, advisory clinics, private business meetings and high-level networking opportunities allowing attendees to tailor their experience to reflect their most pressing demands and objectives.

‘Invitation only’ attendees will include CXOs from telecoms service providers, Heads of Regulatory Authorities, Ministers of ICT and High-Throughput Users from across Africa together with a select number of solution providers, vendors, consultants and investors who can support key business requirements.

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