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11/13/15 4:30 PM - 11/13/15 9:00 PM
VenueClub Auto Sport of San Jose
RegionNorth America

It's time for the Autotech Council to re-visit information and entertainment services in the car. Much has changed since 2013; purchases are up, satisfaction is down, and consumers are confused. We need to evaluate current opportunities and innovation in infotainment.

So what is the future of infotainment? Some wide-ranging general interest apps like Facebook seem to be receding from the space, while more targeted task-specific ones like Glympse seem to be making progress. Streaming music is a sure winner, and the two big smartphone platform makers are making inroads on roads. However, a recent Nielsen SPD survey revealed that satisfaction from infotainment functions is lower than most in-vehicle functions. Worse, 44% of respondents say they've never used the infotainment functions in their vehicles.

Join the Autotech Council to take a closer look at what is and what isn't working, the platforms, the delivery systems, the UI, and safety. We'll also take a look at what is coming around the corner, and hear from some early state companies in content, services, systems, and platforms.

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