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Mobile Edge Computing Congress

9/29/15 1:00 AM - 9/30/15 1:00 AM
VenueKensington Close, London, UK

When summarising Mobile Edge Computing, or MEC, there are a multitude of potential applications for this platform. Broadly speaking, it offers application developers and content providers cloud-computing capabilities and an IT service environment at the edge of the mobile network. It is also cited by an increasing number of 5G Research Institutions, and the European Commission’s “Net Futures” Directorate, as a key building block for the emerging 5G architecture - and a key enabler for the Tactile Internet (applications being network dependent and requiring very low latency).

MNOs, Enterprises and OTT players alike can quickly benefit from:

• Proximity and location awareness

• Ultra-low latency

• High bandwidth & real-time access to radio network information

• A new value chain/ ecosystem energized by innovation

• Improved QoS for customers

• Flexibility & agility on open radio access networks at the edge

• Rapidly deployable and agile applications

Never has there been a better time to connect and seize opportunities to learn, network and share ideas– and therefore we look forward to welcoming you to the inaugural Mobile Edge Computing Congress, endorsed by ETSI, in London this September. With industry leaders presenting existing case studies, and senior strategy makers debating business models, and internal corporate adoption decisions, no other Congress will provide such a valuable platform for those looking to lead the mobile ICT evolution.

With the growing recognition of Mobile Edge Computing we are realising network intelligence, and the adaptive network with predictive decision-making. It really is central to this industry’s drive for evolution and innovation, so join us and become a part of it.

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