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Gigabit Europe 2015

9/29/15 8:30 AM - 9/30/15 6:00 PM
Arabellastraße 6, 81925, München, Germany

Combining the insights of experienced network and data center operators, developers, integrators, consultants, analysts, industry organizations and more, this unique industry event will provide practical and applicable information and guidance for anyone involved in the Gigabit Europe ecosystem.

At this event you will be able to learn from individuals and companies that have developed, designed, planned, deployed and run high-speed broadband networks as well as the industry players that are developing the technologies and applications that fuel the Gigabit Society.

The focus and aim of Gigabit Europe 2015 is to provide attendees with an intelligent, practical and quantifiable experience that will help them, their colleagues and their companies/organizations get to grips with the potential of a Gigabit Society. That experience will come from meeting, listening to and talking with the industry experts involved in the event and also from other attendees – "peer-to-peer" networking is an important part of the Gigabit Europe 2015 event.

Address: Arabellastraße 6, 81925, München, Germany, 0 Get Direction