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RAN World 2015

9/29/15 7:30 AM - 9/30/15 4:30 PM
Cologne, Germany

RAN World addresses the real-world radio access challenges of operators;  how do they host as much capacity as they can on their network, giving a seamless experience, without interference, thereby offering a better customer experience? The event offers an array of ways to address these challenges, from operator CTO case studies to working group sessions.

Rather than focusing on one market segment, RAN World looks at the whole radio access network, comprising everything between the base station and the phone, taking interference and interconnection into account.

The event bridges the gap between business strategy and technical expertise, bringing CTOs and engineers together for a deep-dive look into challenges, sharing and growing knowledge.

The structure of the event is not like a standard conference. There are plenary sessions, but also parallel working groups each day, lasting for 2 hours, led by operators or expert industry analysts. The leader sets the themes and gives a brief presentation followed by 20 minutes open discussion. After which the group works on these challenges; the group leader summarises everything that has been discussed at the end of the session.

Buzzwords come in and out of fashion, but RAN World draws the whole technical spectrum together, and focuses on how operators and vendors can take best advantage of the hottest technologies, giving the greatest immediate value to all attendees.

Address: Cologne, Germany, 0 Get Direction