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9th Telco 2.0 Executive Brainstorm 'EMEA'

4/28/10 8:00 AM - 4/29/10 6:00 PM
HostTelco 2.0
VenueLondon, UK
The next Telco 2.0 EMEA Executive Brainstorm will take place on 28th-29th April at the Grange Hotel in London, with a pre workshop on ‘Core Telco 2.0 concepts’ on the afternoon of the 27th.<br />Event Objective<br /><br />To move the Telco 2.0 debate on from the conceptual use cases shared at the 7th (EMEA) and 8th (AMERICAS) Executive Brainstorms to actionable next steps. Through a combination of sessions on trends and specific market opportunities that feature real examples of Telco 2.0 implementations, the audience will hear and participate in debates about how and where to start on the Telco 2.0 roadmap.<br /><br />In April we will be looking at:<br /><br />* Day One, 28th April: Telco 2.0 Roadmap - Strategic Issues for 2010-2011 (inc. Attracting Investment, Mobile Broadband Network Economics, M2M, Customer Data/Privacy, ‘Living with Google’)<br />* Day Two (parallel event 1), 29th April: Digital Entertainment 2.0 - Multi-Platform Distribution (inc. online video, TV 2.0, mobile app stores, devices)<br />* Day Two (parallel event 2), 29th April: Enterprise 2.0 - New Opportunities in Business Services and Wholesale (inc. Enterprise Voice, Advertising & Marketing, Healthcare, Financial Services, Carrier Services)<br /><br />We will also run a half day afternoon pre-event workshop on 27th April on core Telco 2.0 principles and business model innovation frameworks for those new to our events, or in need of a refresher.
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