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WIMAX 2010

4/23/10 8:00 AM - 4/23/10 4:30 PM
WIMAX 2010<br /><br />“Strategies, Business Model Reengineering & Opportunities for WiMAX Development”<br /><br />April 23rd 2010, TBC, New Delhi, India.<br /><br />For more information please email –<br /><br />KEY THEMES:-<br /><br />• Increasing ARPU with innovative WiMAX services which are appealing to Indian consumers.<br />• Business applications: Best practices, service offerings & deployment<br />• Global marketing strategies in order to incite the user to use advanced data services.<br />• Strategies on boosting the penetration of WiMAX usage in smaller cities and rural areas.<br />• International success stories & lessons learnt from large-scale WiMAX deployments<br />• Exploiting the opportunities created by technology convergence<br />• Positioning yourself in light of new market entries & strategies for capturing the mobile market.<br />• Grabbing the WiMAX opportunity: regulation, network deployment & business models<br />• Analyzing the development of India's WiMAX policies, touching upon the overall telecommunications and broadband policies<br />• Outlining India's telecommunications market, stirring upon issues as broadband penetration and major players in the market<br />• Areas to be focused by network equipment providers, system integrators and testing service providers to tune themselves in the Indian environment.<br />• Analysing the crucial issues and opportunities in standards, interoperability, spectrum, licensing, network optimization & frequency planning<br />
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