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FTTH Council Asia-Pacific Conference and Exhibition 2015

5/19/15 8:30 AM - 5/21/15 5:00 PM
Jakarta, Indonesia
VenueShangri-La Hotel, Jakarta

I am thrilled to announce that the FTTH Council Asia-Pacific Conference and Exhibition 2015 will be our 10th Anniversary. Significantly, in our 10th Anniversary year, the Asia-Pacific Region has reached 100 million FTTH Connections, leading the way in the world – with Europe at 20.1 Million and USA 12.5 million FTTH users.

2015 is indeed a year of celebration for the industry and us. To help us celebrate our 10th Anniversary Annual Conference and to make this event our best ever, we have partnered with Capacity Media, who bring experience of running some of the largest and most respected telecoms conferences around the world.

We are passing through exciting times…

The way we work, play, learn, communicate, conduct business – in fact the very way we live – is getting more and more interwoven around the internet, and we are very fortunate to be in the Hot Seat of this amazing change that is happening all around us.

The basic necessities in life have now become - Air, Water and Internet (Leave me on an island and give me Internet connection…)

While, we enjoy this excitement, it is also our responsibility that the Networks being created are robust and scalable - to cater to the galloping speeds, rapidly growing number of users and make them long lasting for generations to come.

While the 100 million FTTH connectivity milestone in the region is a great achievement for us, we now need to work on the next 100 million connections.

We need to run a lot more applications, we need to make the Internet touch the lives of ordinary people and make their lives happier.

This conference is a great opportunity to - learn from the experience of countries leading the way. Why are some countries still behind? What will the future industry look like? Join us on 19-21 May 2015 as we discuss all this and more.

On behalf of the FTTH Council APAC Board of Directors, it is my pleasure to invite you to our 10th Annual Conference. I look forward to meeting you in Jakarta.

Anil Pande
FTTH Council Asia-Pacific Conference & Exhibition 2015

Address: Jakarta, Indonesia, 0 Get Direction