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Roundtable Lunch on Artificial Intelligence

6/23/15 8:00 PM - 6/23/15 10:00 PM
VenueSony Mobile
RegionNorth America

By leveraging Moore's Law, modern manufacturing, cloud services, Big Data, massive parallel processing, and a host of other current technology, we are approaching Technical Singularity - the point at which AI matches the human mind and after which, pace of improvement in AI would thus accelerate exponentially beyond our comprehension.


Telecom Council Roundtable discussions provide a unique opportunity for telecom and wireless decision makers to network with decision makers in the space, review some new technologies, contribute to the discussion, and get answers from topic experts - the discussion is driven by your questions, not ours. The topic on the table for this month, AI, is sure to bring a very interactive debate, so bring your opinions and business cards.


Free for Telecom Council members, $100 for non-members
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