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Datacloud Nordic

10/15/15 5:00 PM - 10/16/15 2:00 AM
VenueScandic Fornebu Hotel

This new congress hosted in Oslo, highlights the unique value of datacenter, cloud and IT infrastructure across the important and growing Nordic countries. With its wealth of renewable energy, the region is experiencing significant growth in the deployment of mission critical facilities and offers new business, outsourcing, investment, hosting, colocation and cloud opportunities .The event brings together users and outsourcers, with local companies offering a valuable platform  of services and technologies to support them in the efficient management and exploitation of their IT assets.

Venue: Scandic Fornebu Hotel, Oslo (Norway)

Date: 15 October 2015

Web: www.datacloudnordic.com

Twitter: @datacloudNordic and #DatacloudNordic



Enterprises and third party operators across Nordic markets are transforming to cloud datacenters, fast becoming the indispensable infrastructure for computing, storage and management of big data. Enterprises require simple and scalable ways to create interoperability among many siloed data and endpoints, which offer highly available, multi-tenant and elastic integration cloud to support high density computing.

Many challenges confront companies who are adapting to a cloud environment: adjusting datacenter environments to cope with the new demands Cloud brings, and drive greater energy efficiency; security of Cloud and managing increased workforce use of smartphones and tablets; moving applications to the cloud to meet security requirements for service availability, manageability and connectivity - data security methods must solve multiple challenges; how IT departments manage the transformation to cloud brokerages and look to outsourcing as part of the solution. Workload migration between clouds is another key challenge for hybrid clouds - some enterprises are moving part of their workload to a public cloud environment while retaining other workloads in a private cloud. More businesses are looking to outsource non-core services via the cloud, make cost savings in the value chain yet benefit from cloud innovation especially in Big Data.

Datacloud South East Asia will assess the energy, scalability, security, architecture and software challenges confronting datacenters, and how enterprises can successfully manage the transition to cloud.

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