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Monetising the Internet of Things 2015

4/15/15 9:00 AM - 4/16/15 6:00 PM
HostArena International

Join us at the inaugural Monetising the Internet of Things conference which will take place on the 15th - 16th April 2015 in Frankfurt. 

Monetising the Internet of Things (IoT) offers a unique platform for discussion and debate with those working in IoTand provides the opportunity to learn how IoT can transform businesses. Bringing practical examples of successful implementation, lessons learned from those already using IoT and examples of best practice, this conference promises to provide attendees with two days of valuable insights and networking opportunities.


The agenda for this year's event has been formed through extensive research and consultation with leading experts covering both the most relevant opportunities and challenges within IoT. 

Key agenda topics include:

  • Developing the right IoT solution for your business: Piecing together the value chain and determining the best ways IoT can work for you
  • Developing new business models: How to commercialise and profit from IoT
  • The importance of speed and flexibility: Supporting the end user and guiding them through IoT
  • Making sense of it all: Transforming IoT data into useful information
  • IoT: How high are the barriers to entry? 

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