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Mastering Data Modelling Techniques

3/28/19 9:00 AM - 3/29/19 5:00 AM

Mastering Data Modelling Techniques

Speaker: Chris Bradley

This course explores the more advanced techniques for Data Modelling. In addition, techniques will be taught on how (and when) to create Data Models for non-relational solutions including Big Data together and the uses for data models beyond Relational DBMS development.


In the modern era, the volume of data we deal with has grown significantly. As the volume, variety, velocity and veracity of data keeps growing, the types of data generated by applications become richer than before. As a result, traditional relational databases are challenged to capture, store, search, share, analyse, and visualize data. Many companies attempt to manage big data challenges using a NoSQL (“Not only SQL”) database and may employ a distributed computing system such as Hadoop. NoSQL databases are typically key-value stores that are non-relational, distributed, horizontally scalable, and schema-free.

Many organisations ask, “do we still need data modelling today?” Traditional data modelling focuses on resolving the complexity of relationships among schema-enabled data. However, these considerations do not apply to non-relational, schema-less databases. As a result, old ways of data modelling no longer apply.

This course will show Data modelling approaches that apply to not only Relational, but also to Big Data, NoSQL, XML, and other formats. In addition, the uses of data models beyond simply development of databases will be explored.


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