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Information and Data Governance: From Theory to Practice

2/27/18 9:00 AM - 2/28/18 5:00 PM

Information and Data Governance: From Theory to Practice

Speaker: Jan Henderyckx

This 2 day workshop will teach you how you can embed information and data governance into your organisation without being perceived as a roadblock. You will learn how you can become information centric and deliver on the promise of accurate and trusted business information that supports compliance and boosts innovation. You will not only understand what should be included in the information and data governance task set and required deliverables but you will also have a clear view on the integration of these tasks with information risk, information security and data privacy and protection. Once you know the tasks at hand you also need to have practical guidance on how to perform them. The workshop will therefore also give practical examples of the how-to. Every organisation is unique which means that you can’t simply implement all the roles of the operating model but it needs to be translated into a manageable set that matches your current maturity level but that doesn’t require radical redesign when your maturity increases. Although tools are not the singular answer to all problems, it’s essential that governance professionals understand the characteristics of the different types of solutions in the market such as transaction processing systems, data warehouses, data lakes, ECM (enterprise content management) systems, Big Data platforms, data quality solutions and Master Data Management tools.  Each of these have their unique characteristics but they all store, transform, processes, share and dispose data which needs to be governed.


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