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Business Analysis Agility

4/30/19 9:00 AM - 5/1/19 5:00 PM

Business Analysis Agility

Speaker: James Archer

Business analysis is changing – for the better. Whether you work in a traditional environment, or as part of an agile team, your business analysis approach today can be more flexible, more nimble, more effective, more focused on solving the right problem and delivering real value.


Despite all our technological advances, our biggest problem is still the human one: How to ensure you know your customer’s real problem, and how to ensure that your solution is correctly solving that problem.

Business analysis agility means using an adaptable approach to challenge assumptions, to make better use of feedback, to iterate, to use more flexible tools, and to understand the customers’ value when discovering their real, underlying needs. For it is only by addressing the right needs and solving the right problem can you deliver real value to your customer and your sponsor.

This course gives you a different approach to business analysis. This one provides a business analysis framework that works regardless of whether you are part of an agile environment and need to provide stories for iterative development, or whether you are in a traditional environment and need to produce a requirements specification suitable for more formalized environments and outsourcing.

This course gives you a vision of the modern business analyst, one who understands the role is much more than writing requirements.

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