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Business Architecture: Enabling Business Agility and Change

11/19/18 9:00 AM - 11/21/18 5:00 PM

Business Architecture: Enabling Business Agility and Change

Speaker: Roger Burlton


The ultimate benefit of a good Business Architecture will be in Business Agility. This requires designing the right solutions that provide the greatest return on investment to the business, avoiding duplication of effort and developing capabilities once for multiple uses across the processes of the organization. Without a solid Business Architecture there will certainly be sub-optimization, redundancy and inconsistency across business operations with increasing difficulty to change fast later on. Architects must define the multiple domains of the business and how they interact, so any impact of proposed business changes can be determined rapidly and changes made with the surety they will work immediately. That means that defining and interconnecting strategy, policy, information, processes, capabilities, technical and human resources and other domains is essential. A well-formed Business Architecture can help untangle the confusion and deliver inherently adaptable solutions.


This highly participative workshop will delve into all aspects of Business Architecture from top to bottom and side to side.






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