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Working with Business Processes

11/26/18 9:00 AM - 11/27/18 5:00 PM

Working with Business Processes: Process Change in Agile Timeframes

Speaker: Alec Sharp

Business processes matter, because business processes are how an enterprise delivers value, whether externally or internally. Understanding how to work with business processes is therefore seen as a vital skill for a wide range of business and IT professionals – business and process analysts/architects, functional area managers, and even corporate executives. Too often, though, the available courses and literature either float around in generalities and familiar case studies, or descend rapidly into technical details, arcane theories, or incomprehensible models. This workshop is different – it covers practical techniques and a repeatable methodology that maximises stakeholder engagement and commitment while achieving results in today’s demanding timeframes.


Delegates will first learn exactly what a “business process” is, and techniques to effectively convey the concept to others. The key factors to consider when working with processes and how to avoid the most common pitfalls are also introduced. On this foundation, the course then shows how to discover and scope a business process, clarify its context, assess it and establish improvement objectives, apply various approaches for modelling it to an appropriate level of detail, re-assess it in light of findings from modelling, and employ a structured approach to designing a new process. A modular, “feature-based” approach to process design is described that delivers significant change in Agile timeframes, often in as little as a few days.

Everything is backed up with real-world examples, repeatable guidelines, workshop exercises, and group discussions. Professionals around the world have benefited from this workshop and the methods it provides.




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