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LTE Advanced - Femto Cells 2010 summit

1/26/10 8:49 AM - 1/27/10 3:49 PM
HostMagenta Global
VenueMarriott hotel, Dubai
About the Summit<br /><br />By 2013, telecom operators worldwide are expected to spend a whopping $8.6 billion on setting up the LTE infrastructure. This rapidly developing telecom makeover will take the driver’s seat in putting seamless and powerful triple and quad play for enhanced applications. Demanding applications such as interactive TV, mobile video blogging, mobile gaming (with superior downlink and uplink paths) will be supported more than adequately by LTE. For the telecom operator, it must seize the opportunity to leverage the roadmap to commercial success and the decisions must be made fast.<br /><br />In the Middle East, a greater number of telecom operators have LTE plans, with telcos in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, most advanced in pursuing aggressive plans.
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