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RF Propagation, Analysis & Design NGN: WCET1A

2/1/10 3:00 AM - 2/10/10 7:00 AM
HostEogogics, Inc.

Wireless telecommunications professionals and managers, consultants, engineers, and others involved in designing, implementing, or maintaining mobile and fixed radio systems and those who would like to review and clarify certain topics included in the IEEE WCET curriculum. A BSEE degree or equivalent knowledge/experience is a prerequisite for the course.<br /><br />This is one of a pair of courses tied to the IEEE WCET Examination and intended for those who wish to use the WCET curriculum as a guide for their professional development. While not specifically offered as certification prep course, it will help you review and practice some of the major topics covered by the exam.<br /><br />Covered are such RF (physical layer) topics as: The basics of radio system design and analysis, addressing operating frequency, available spectrum, channel bandwidth, modulation schemes, radio access techniques, basic and advanced antenna systems, using equipment specifications in link budget analysis, and performing path loss analysis based on the type of propagation environment and signal distortions caused by time displacement of radio signals in non-line-of-sight environments.<br /><br />Taught as an intensive workshop, the course relies heavily on instructor/class interaction, simulations and exercises that aid the student to develop an intuitive understanding of both the theoretical concepts and their practical application. To be able to participate in the hands-on activities, a scientific calculator and laptop for running Excel spreadsheets are required.<br /><br /><br />Date and Time: 8 PM to midnight (US Eastern Time) on Jan 31, Feb 1-3, Feb 7-10.<br /><br />Cost: $2,695 (seats are limited)

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