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Autotech Council: Automotive Cybersecurity

12/12/14 4:30 PM - 12/12/14 9:00 PM
HostHosted by Airbiquity @ Prospect SV
Venue1608 Las Plumas Ave San Jose, CA
RegionNorth America

As automobiles become prolific gatherers of data, and as more private data is stored in the car and in the carmaker's cloud, we must escalate the importance of protecting the customers' data from black had operatives. Additionally, as ADAS and autonomous vehicles connect live actuators and car control to the data, the risks of malicious attacks on cars escalates to life-or-death level. As a result, automakers are far more aggressive about securing their products than would be your average smartphone app maker. There simply is much, much more hanging in the balance.

For Members-Only: After lunch, Autotech Council will debrief the the 2014 LA Autoshow and IAA, Hannover among members. These debrief sessions mix news with opinions for those members who did not participate at either show and we encourage our participants to actively contribute their insights to each highlighted topic.

Free for Council members, $200 for non-members
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