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Broadband Traffic Management 2014

11/11/14 8:30 AM - 11/13/14 5:30 PM
HostDavid Baker
VenueBarcelona, Spain

With South Korea recently announcing that 99% of the population has LTE coverage, the rest of the world is playing catch up. As networks continue to migrate to an all IP network, fresh strategies are required to not only manage the legacy networks that have so far struggled to control the data tsunami, but to also ensure LTE networks are able to control, monetise and deliver data heavy services seamlessly.

 LTE is opening up a Pandora’s Box for operators with new focus on areas such as machine-to-machine / internet of things and cloud based technologies. As complexities multiply, intelligence has fast become a key component of any carrier network. Whilst policy control and online charging remains pivotal so to now is acquiring and utilising real time metadata from the network. New commercial opportunities continue to arise from the management of traffic on legacy networks and with the roll out of LTE continuing, these opportunities must be realised early on to maximise future potential.

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