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Small Cells Asia 2014

4/7/14 8:00 AM - 4/8/14 6:00 PM
HostAvren Events
RegionSE Asia

Small Cells Asia co-located with Carrier Wi-Fi Asia

7-8 April, Singapore

Small Cells Asia is THE meeting place for the small cells industry in the Asia Pacific region. Whether you are focused on public access, enterprise, residential…indoor or outdoor…femtocells, picocells, metro deployments… this is the place to make the connections you need and get all the very latest information from the market.

At the forefront of small cell, Wi-Fi and LTE deployment, Asian operators continue to be the

precursors of next generation networks. This is a great opportunity to hear how Asian operators are already deploying small cells and what the next steps will be. In an age where Wi-Fi and small cell integration is becoming an increasingly important priority, we’ve expanded the conference remit by co-locating with Carrier Wi-Fi Asia 2014. Whether you are looking at authentication methods, data offload or monetization solutions, you’ll be able to get practical advice from the experts who are leading the way in this growing field.

With over 300 visitors, This is the place to meet the right people and get the right information to drive your business forward.

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