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3rd Annual Africa Telecoms Fraud, Revenue Assurance & GRC Forum

8/2/16 6:30 AM - 8/4/16 4:00 PM
HostFalcon Business Research
VenueCape Town , South Africa


3rd Annual Africa Telecoms Fraud, Revenue Assurance & Risk Management Forum 2016

This leading telecom industry conference cum exhibition organised by Falcon Business Research will take place on 02.08.2016 - 04.08.2016 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Each year Africa’s mobile/cellular carriers lose the equivalent of almost one and three quarter billion US dollars through theft of service and related frauds. Fraud & revenue loss in telecoms continues to be a major priority for big businesses in Africa. Whilst the region’s telecommunications industry has seen a quantum leap in the past decade – with markets like Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda being some of the most competitive & lucrative in the whole continent – there remains this shadowy side of telecoms in Africa.

Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance (RA) in the telecommunication industry are both key factors in maintaining operator’s margins. With the growth in complexity of networks, services and the increasingly sophisticated use of technology by fraudsters, these require an end-to-end approach which proactively identifies future challenges.

Revenue Assurance is therefore a major concern for all operators. There is a general consensus in management that between 1 to 3% of revenues are unbilled and that between 2 to 6% of billed revenues are unpaid.

In this conference you will meet with global and regional fraud and revenue assurance experts from regional and international leading operators. Interactive presentation, networking platform and panel discussions, case studies as well as key note presentation from the experts will give you access to the information that you need to tackle the challenge that you are facing. This conference will give you the tools to handle this evolving climate and to minimize vulnerability to fraud and revenue leakage and maximize profit.


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