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Roundtable Lunch: Context, Sensors & Personalization

4/3/14 8:00 PM - 4/3/14 10:00 PM
HostTelecom Council
VenueQualcomm, 3165 Kifer Road, Building B, Santa Clara, California 95051
RegionNorth America

For most of the mobile revolution, location data has been the workhorse of contextual content, and has done yeoman's work in allowing responsive design content to change, dynamically based on where the user is. But the reality is that this was the low-hanging fruit of the context-awareness tree. The next wave of context, or "Micro-Context", will be far more precise, meshing together data from gyros, compass, accelerometers, GPS, radios, light sensors, barometers, microphones, cameras, and more.

Join this unpanel discussion where the audience steers the discussion. Although we can't promise, we assume we'll discuss these issues:
1. What kind of personalization will the new sensor platforms enable?
2. What kind of apps and businesses will benefit from this second wave?
3. How much personalization and data capture will subscribers allow, before they feel their privacy is invaded?
4. How can this additional data support powerful AI assistants?
5. What kinds of Quantified Self solutions and m-health applications will emerge?

Free for Qualified Council Members (C-Level Executive), Qualified Non-Members are $100

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