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Mobile School Training

11/25/13 8:00 AM - 10/29/13 8:00 AM
Hostrabion consultancy

For over 10 years Rabion Consultancy has been providing Mobile School training. In the past  the training was offered as ‘in-house’ training for mobile network operators.


Since 2013 we provide the training  with open registration for individual participants. We have renewed the training to keep pace with latest developments such as LTE, M2M. The objective of the mobile School training is to provide detail insight into  mobile communication technology. The architecture and functionality of mobile communication systems such as GSM, UMTS and LTE are presented, for both radio networks and core networks.


There is a Netherlands version  25 to 29 November 2013 (Oosterbeek) and an international  version 24 until 28 March 2014 (Dusseldorf). Please find our brochure for additional information at

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