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Next Generation BSS

10/8/13 9:00 AM - 10/10/13 5:00 PM
HostInforma Telecoms & Media

Next Generation BSS

Reinventing BSS for success in a data-driven world - Centralisation, consolidation, convergence


As a result of shifting from voice and SMS to data-centred mobile services, and in line with the fact that top-level pricing strategies cannot stand alone without fully functional BSS strategy and operations, Informa Telecoms & Media’s Software and Services team are delivering a fresh andspecifically focused event on the latest trends in BSS strategies.

Moreover, the Pricing Mobile Data and Next Generation BSS events are co-located, taking place on the same dates and in the same venue, to facilitate this inevitable connection. Both events are created on extensive industry research, with the aim to address the latest challenges which the modern operator faces in implementing their mobile data pricing and BSS strategies in 2013 and onwards.

Next Generation BSS will focus on the relationship between strategic BSS plans which support modern pricing strategies, and how they can be carried out in practice on an operational level.


This will include exploring the necessary changes and adoptions of new services in areas such as billing, connecting pricing charging and payments, policy and CEM. These topics will be examined within the context of supporting new business models, which shift from voice to data driven mobile services. 

Hear about best practice and how to monetise on necessary investments in new technologies at this event.

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