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IVR solutions to improve customer experience

10/9/13 9:00 PM - 10/9/13 10:00 PM

Improving customer service and support can be an elusive objective for telcos. When issues with service occur, it can take days or weeks for the telco to identify the root cause of failure and implement a solution. Typically, the customer will be using all channels available to contact their service provider for resolution, and unanswered calls into call centers, ineffective web chat or poor online self-service channels contribute to dissatisfaction and lead to churn.


As social beings, many customers prefer the reassurance of a voice, and will call the contact center, even where other channel options exist. This is particularly true for more complex smartphone related requests which also tend to have longer call durations. With call volumes and number of transactions set to increase exponentially, it will place an unsustainable burden on the telco infrastructure, extending call waiting times still further.

The smart money should be invested to improve methods of dealing with these inbound calls. Well-dimensioned Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems providing personalized and contextually aware responses that anticipate customer needs will reduce the cost to serve and improve customer experience.


Ovum and IVR specialists Speechstorm will discuss the drivers for IVR in the telco customer experience arena, identify actionable insights for IVR solutions and demonstrate the business benefits available to telcos including lessons learned from SpeechStorm customers including eircom, meteor and BSkyB.

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