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Telecom Application Developer Summit 2013

11/21/13 8:00 AM - 11/22/13 8:00 AM
VenueBangkok, Thailand

TADS (Telecom Application Developer Summit) is the ONLY GLOBAL MEETING place for Developers who want to learn, share, code and create with the latest technologies in free and open source software, telecom APIs, unique telecom platforms, and WebRTC (Web Real Time Communications).


Telecom application developers include: telco independent software vendors, system integrators, enterprise developers and many other developers building apps that live either in the core telecom network, enterprise data centers or public cloud.


Asia is the center of telecom application developer success: with payment service success in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore; content service success in Philippines, India, Singapore, China; and self-built call centers on free and open source software throughout China, Indonesia, India. So let’s start the Summit where developers are being successful in creating telecom applications, Asia!


TADS is for Telcos wanting to discover new services and to understand how to work with telecom app developers to bring successful innovations to market. The global market for telecom network API is estimated to be as much as $157 billion by 2018, (source: Mind Commerce).


TADS is a grassroots initiative from the people building this industry, Developers and Telcos can together create a sustainable and profitable telecom application ecosystem. Come join TADS and make a difference in our industry.

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