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Carrier Ethernet Americas

8/26/13 5:00 PM - 8/29/13 1:00 AM
HostIIR Telecoms
VenueAmcham Business Center, Sao Paolo
RegionSouth America

Why are you looking forward to attending Carrier Ethernet Americas & why do you think it is important to have an event on this particular subject in South America?


Carrier Ethernet is a technology which can handle, in a consolidated perspective,  a single solution for a service provider deployment on backbone, core, and access.  South America is a region where legacy technologies as TDM V.35 access solutions still have a significant demand.  On the other hand, LTE deployment largely demands Carrier Ethernet for mobile backbones.  So, this region experiences a very particular  timeframe to consolidate Carrier Ethernet in a structured way to converge backbone, core, and access solutions to Carrier Ethernet.


That's the most important approach to attend Carrier Ethernet Americas 2013 -  Mauricio Ferreira da Costa, Oi

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