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CTO Forum 2013 - Innovation Through Broadband

10/7/13 5:00 PM - 10/12/13 1:00 AM
HostCommonwealth Telecommunications Organisation
VenueTranscorp Hilton, Abuja, Nigeria

The CTO Forum is a constitutionally mandated ‘flagship’ event which takes place every year. This year will offer regional and international solutions for those in Commonwealth regions sharing knowledge, experience and key information. Innovation within broadband will anchor this year’s theme as the Forum offers critical updates and insight into infra structure, security and application challenges.


Hosted by the Nigerian Communications Commission the CTO Forum will bring together Ministers, Governments, Regulators, Universal Service Fund Administrators, Operators and Vendors. The event aims to showcase presentations, workshops and sessions that will answer the questions many attendees now face with regards driving increased usage, enhancing methods of communication, access and suitable infrastructure roll out.


This unique event will offer the opportunity for both public and private sectors to discover how suitable partnerships can speed objectives.


Key topics to include:


Future Networks: Infrastructure Development and Enabling Business

Beyond Social Media: From ‘Likes’ to learning

Broadband Innovation and Young People Securing ICT Development and Success in the Commonwealth

Cloud Computing: e-Government – e-Accessibility and e-Health

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