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5th Annual Customer Retention and Loyalty Conference

7/25/13 9:00 AM - 7/26/13 5:00 PM
HostFleming Gulf

After the Great Success With a solid background and rich experience in organizing high value Telecom conferences, Fleming Gulf is delighted to announce the 5th Annual edition of Win Your Customer- Telecoms in Africa : Customer Retention and Profitability Summit.
Building a loyal customer base is a primary goal for companies of all sizes around the world. To achieve this goal, companies need a systems infrastructure that provides detailed information on each customer’s activities and allows them to proactively analyze and anticipate customer dissatisfaction. When early warning systems and loyalty programs fail, the contact center faces the moment of truth with at-risk customers. Well-trained and empowered agents can retain the vast majority of their customers. The challenge is to give agents the support, information and flexibility they need to get the job done. This is a complex effort that requires a sturdy CRM and analytic systems infrastructure and the ongoing support of senior management, all customer-facing departments, operational groups, and IT.

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