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Revenue Assurance, Telecom Frauds and Risk Management Forum

5/27/13 4:00 AM - 5/28/13 1:00 PM

The world over, the telecom industry has had its share of losses due to sophisticated technology-aided frauds. As per the survey, globally, telecom frauds are estimated to cost the industry US$40 billion (which is roughly 2 percent of the global telecom revenues), despite significant efforts made by operators and their IT vendors to limit theft. Fraud is one of the major concerns of the telecommunication sector. The challenges facing the telecom sectors are as fascinating as they are wide ranging. Operators continue to struggle with a variety of issues—from expanding their subscriber base in saturated markets to managing stupendous subscriber growth in markets still developing. In markets with multiple players, competition is often intense and telecom operators will likely need to concurrently manage fast paced growth as well as innovation. The common thread for all telecom sectors is the potential impact on revenue. In any of the scenarios, telecom may be vulnerable to revenue leakage or revenue stagnation.

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