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Telecoms Regulation Forum 2013

4/22/13 5:00 PM - 4/25/13 2:00 AM
HostIIR Telecoms
VenueHyatt Regency The Churchill
The Telecoms Regulation Forum - - is the leading and most comprehensive telecoms regulation event in the world. It is intentionally designed to address the industry holistically while focusing on the developments in the European market. This year, we’ve launched a special focus on the Middle East while also adding case studies from the Americas and Africa ensuring that the Telecoms Regulation Forum retains a truly international character. European institutions, National Regulatory Authorities and the Telecom industry collaborate to debate, showcase, discuss, and create what's now, new and next while arguing the implications with respect to future regulatory initiatives. The outcome is an encompassing experience delivering the right mix of different perspectives on all the pivotal topics shaping the telecoms industry of the future. From stimulating NGA growth to designing spectrum auctions and regulating internet traffic management, the Forum covers all those topics that will keep regulators and operators busy throughout 2013 and beyond. What really sets the Telecoms Regulation Forum apart from the rest is the exceptionally high level of attendees, with the most senior decision makers in their field returning to the Forum year on year. From incumbent operators in the US to challenger operators in the Middle East, from National Regulators in the Nordic Countries to the online world giants of Google and Skype, a full ecosystem of all those involved in the telecoms sphere is represented at the Forum. Once again, we have gathered all your telecoms regulatory challenges into a true industry event that tackles critical issues and explores new opportunities with a practical approach. If you are a professional working in the regulation sphere of the telecoms industry then this is the one and only event you need to be present at in 2013!
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