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Mobile & Wireless Technology Showcase 2013

3/20/13 2:00 AM - 3/21/13 10:00 AM
HostJFPS Group
VenueKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Connected devices have become a global phenomenon and the trend is expected to be ever last. The total number of connected devices increases by more than 150 percent throughout the decade with over 11 billion of total connected devices and revenue opportunity for mobile and wireless operators for this space by 2020 is approximately US$1.2 trillion. Whilst the relatively mature markets of Europe and North America continuously fight for the market share, the emerging Asia Pacific markets offer varied opportunities for further and continuous growth. The region is at the forefront of next-generation mobile and wireless technologies and cutting-edge innovation and account for a 47 percent market share whereas operators across Asia Pacific will benefit from revenues as high as US$447 billion.
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