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3rd Annual Cyber Security Summit

4/11/13 8:00 AM - 4/12/13 4:00 PM
VenuePrague, Czech Republic

Following up the sold-out event in 2012, we are proud to present you the 2013 Cyber Security Summit (11th and 12th April 2012). 

With an increased importance placed on discussions and free flow of information exchange between the participants it is a must-attend event for all executives in cyber risk management.

Does you organization implement Cyber Security Solutions?

Would you like to learn from industry peers on how they do this? 
Do you have a solution that you would like to present in front of the biggest industry minds? 

The CSS will bring together key corporate security decision makers to discuss the strategic priorities, potencial risk factors and threats. Together, they will provide you with inspirational guidance on how industry experts respond to these denunciatory challanges. 

What distinguishes this event?

CSS is not a typical summit focused on government agencies. The light is shed on coping with cyber risk in the enterprise world. Building on the success of our previous events, the distinguishing features of this unique format are:

  • One of the best experts in the world answers your question and provide their in-depth know-how
  • Unique mix of 15 presentations, practical sessions, key studies
  • Exclusive senior-level attendance
  • Practical and up-to-date studies and solutions
  • Customized itineraries
  • EBCG ThinkTank sessions - who knows your business better than your peers  
  • Gain an insight into the IT incidents
  • Understand how nations premier companies are improving their cyber security
  • Address your questions to the best experts
  • Findout how secure you are and what level and form of attack could come in to you
  • Review your level of security and readiness for penetration
  • Align your security strategy with critical business and corporate goals
  • Obtain the latest update on state of art in digital treats in cyber underground 
  • Utilize the full potential of cyber security
  • Learn how to information awareness can minimize your risk 

Event Summary International cybercrime is growing at a rapid pace as cybercriminals employ more sophisticated methods to attack governments and corporations. Today, the value of stolen data, thanks to our global economy, has no limits, and has only increased the potential for unfair business competition. Information has become a commodity, with a hefty price tag, and a growing market of hackers.

What is the solution? How to stay on the top of the game?

Join us! Listen, Ask and Stay Safe!

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