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Software Defined Networking Summit

11/13/12 8:00 AM - 11/14/12 5:00 PM
VenueHilton-Canary Wharf, London
Remotely controlling network hardware with software will bring the Internet up to speed. &nbsp;The idea behind Software Defined Networking (SDN) is to decrease network costs and simplify the introduction of new services by centralizing switch and router intelligence, essentially replacing traditional switches and routers with Ethernet packet forwarding engines. &nbsp;The migration toward software-defined networks will move faster than network operators&rsquo; migration to IP. &nbsp;Vendors and network providers are starting to embrace SDN because network operators have identified the need for more control and customisation over their infrastructures. &nbsp;SDN fits this bill by enabling the control of networks independently of the underlying hardware infrastructure. &nbsp;The Open Networking Foundation (ONF) are currently developing OpenFlow and other standards for SDN. &nbsp;OpenFlow is the common protocol for communication between controllers and switches from various vendors. &nbsp;Adopting a common standard for SDN will help vendors to compete and it will also help network operators deploy new services. &nbsp;Migration to SDN is happening now and IIR&rsquo;s Software Defined Networking Summit will gather attendees from service providers, technology vendors and IT vendors to drive forward the potential Software Defining Networking offers to operators and bandwidth users to drive down costs and offer new innovative services. <img alt="alt" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-68" height="345" src="" title="target-audience" width="600" /> SDN Conference Space on the agenda is limited. Do you have valuable experience to share? If you would like to play a key role in defining the direction of IIR&rsquo;s inaugural event on SDN, please do get in touch. We are now taking papers submissions &ndash; please complete the online form and get your thoughts on the programme! Submit your Abstract Today <a href="">Event website</a>
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