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Mobile Roaming World Summit 2009

10/26/09 7:00 AM - 10/28/09 3:59 PM
HostInforma telecoms&media
VenueCopthorne Tara Hotel London,
17th Annual Mobile Roaming Conference - Tackling the changing face of Mobile Roaming - <br />Major developments in the roaming industry are changing the face of traditional roaming forever, from a secure revenue stream to a shrinking profit pot with the potential to seriously damage operator bottom line.<br /><br />The success of a roaming package no longer relies simply on the consumer being able to use their handset abroad but on the overall experience, price and quality of the service. Customer’s expectations of roaming are increasing and providers need to ensure that they are able to articulate what a user can expect in terms of service availability when they roam and then actually deliver it!<br /><br />With this in mind Informa Telecoms and Media is pleased to present the 17th Annual Mobile Roaming event endorsed by the WiFi Alliance and UMTS Forum. This year the three day event has been comprehensively researched with the industry to tackle these critical issues and also help you find the solutions! The interactive agenda will allow delegates to debate strategy and technological advances, discuss how to enhance profitability, overcome regulatory restrictions and achieve a roaming package of the future!
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