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Mobile Network Optimisation 2012

11/20/12 9:00 AM - 11/21/12 5:30 PM
HostIIR Telecoms
VenueHilton Amsterdam
Is your network keeping up with the growth of mobile data? Everyone knows that the massive uptake of smartphones and tablets has led to an explosion in mobile traffic, placing considerable pressure on operators to meet the demand for capacity. What are the short-term solutions to this fundamental issue, and how can you best prepare for the long-term solutions<br /> like LTE? <a href="">Mobile Network Optimisation</a> brings together the experts and decision makers from every market sector to examine the latest technological developments, strategies and economic cases available. The only conference to take a strong technical focus on the issues surrounding mobile network optimization, the two-day event will look at the most pressing questions in the market including: -Optimising networks with the looming spectrum crisis<br /> -Finding creative offloading solutions to improve network performance and QoS<br /> -Using LTE and HSPA+ to improve data management and mobile broadband QoS<br /> -Using policy management and control to create a smart network and enhance performance<br /> -Using small cells and wifi partnerships to expand capacity and optimise efficient usage in urban areas
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