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CEM In TELECOMS World Summit 2012

9/27/12 1:00 AM - 9/28/12 10:00 AM
HostSymphony Global
VenueSwissotel Merchant Court, Singapore
Faced with a largely flat mobile voice market, service providers are welcoming the uptake in mobile data services and applications. However, to succeed in the data-driven world, service providers must place quality of experience (QoE) front and center of their business strategy. Effective management of the customer experience is one of the single most important differentiators in this highly competitive market. The ability to understand the end-to-end customer experience &ndash; from the moment a device is activated until a service is engaged &ndash; is critical to building and maintaining brand loyalty and, ultimately, to securing revenues. Equipped with a flexible and proactive CEM solution, service providers can place subscribers at the heart of their business strategy and processes and create a proactive, personalized subscriber experience that attracts and retains customers.&rsquo; &ndash; Customer Experience Management (CEM) in Telecoms World Summit 2012 will draw together highly-regarded expert speakers from across the ecosystems of telecommunications industry and CEM platform providers to present to you the latest key trends and approaches taken and practiced in Customer Excellence Management in Telecoms. The highlights of the summit will be Case Studies and Perspectives to be shared by telecoms operators on the benefits they have obtained from implemeting CEM and the key challenges they have encountered. The summit will encompass key issues on : <ul> <li> Personalized Billing</li> <li> Customer Data Management & Analysis</li> <li> M2M Strategy for Customer Transformation</li> <li> Cloud Computing & Smart Platforms for boosting CEM</li> <li> Social Media CEM Strategy</li> <li> Differentiated Experience</li> <li> Innovation for Success</li> <li> and many more!</li> </ul> For more information, please visit:<a href=""> Event website</a>
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