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The 8th Annual Telecoms Loyalty & Churn

7/2/12 8:00 AM - 7/5/12 5:00 PM
VenueCannes, France
The Challenge: In one of the most challenging markets for customer loyalty, we bring forward the latest innovations. Is Loyalty dead? This seems to be the question many telco professionals are asking themselves when faced with a constantly growing number of churners. The constant advent of prepaid and the targeting of competitors’ customers are making customer loyalty increasingly important within operators’ strategies. Investing in loyalty and customer experience has now become fundamental in protecting an operator’s customer base while securing continuous growth. A wealth of new partners have joined the race for securing customer loyalty: from handset manufacturers to social media, the ecosystem of loyalty is changing fast. Operators are also seeking to become more attractive to the high-end customer segment, by securing their loyalty with attractive offers and enhanced customer experience. The loyalty of enterprise customers also features high on the agenda with dedicated loyalty programme incentives in place by major operators across the globe. The 8th Annual Telecoms Loyalty & Churn is the world’s most established event on customer loyalty in telecoms attracting operators from across the globe. We have a strong legacy as the one and only event where cutting edge solutions to customer loyalty are first unveiled! Our format is also different to your standard conference; our agenda is jam packed with interactive masterclasses, brainstorming exercises, workshops and training sessions. And this year we’re expanding our ecosystem further so that apart from world-leading operator case studies, we also explore loyalty outside the telecom industry with leading enterprises sharing their loyalty success-stories! The impact of social media and the synergy with device manufacturers will also be thoroughly explored. With our exciting location in the heart of the French Riviera, IIR’s Telecoms Loyalty & Churn is once again bound to be the leading annual event for telco professionals working for securing their customer’s loyalty!
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