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Number Portability Global Summit

10/22/12 9:00 AM - 10/24/12 5:00 PM
HostTelecoms IQ
VenueHilton Double Tree, Victoria, London. UK
Learn how to implement and optimise the efficiency of your Number Portability system in order to comply with regulation, drive cost-effectiveness and attract new customers at the only global Number Portability event this year. Number Portability Global Summit continues to grow in popularity globally, creating more competitive markets and greater choice for subscribers. With implementation demanding close co-operation between regulators and operators and a range of technical, strategic and marketing strategies being used, it is important to understand the key challenges facing the market and benchmark different solutions. At this year's Number Portability conference you will uncover the critical strategies and success factors for your implementation. Come and learn from speakers and case studies from countries with a range of experiences in the Number Portability arena, from both the operator’s and the regulator’s perspective and take this unique opportunity to meet and build a strong network of key contacts in the Number Portability space. Learn from countries such as Ghana, Turkey, UK, Poland, Holland, Bahrain and others.
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